Tuesday, January 20

Caffiene ... truly the nectar of the gods. Not that I'm a god, just a demon, but hey ... when mortals provide you with coffee beans, what else are you to do?

I stooped to menial labour in the Darkness. My minions and HellHounds both have developed a fondness for slumber during the night's darkest hours, and my Incubus was off cavorting again. Whilst my domain was peaceful, I rearranged things in the antechamber. The frigid iciness of Cocytus was encroaching and I had to beat it back with a large rubber hose-thing and used my presence of Evil to melt the ice. It will not encroach again.

When Dark settles the land again, I may continue to ward my domain against such happenings. Or I may join my minions in slumber just to see why they find it so appealing.

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