Saturday, February 7

I am leaving my incubus.
For the weekend. No matter, he'll be gone into the mortal realm the whole time anyway.
I get the minions, he gets the Hell Hounds. Does this strike anyone but me as unfair?

Thursday, February 5

This Demon was not, by any stretch of the imagination, meant to PAINT. Painting is a heinous exercise devised by torturers to punish mortals. Demon must locate some imps to enslave and finish painting.
The minions are off into the cold, experiencing a new mortal pastime of sitting on flat objects and barrelling down a snowy hill at warp speed. I expect a full report when they return. They have incorporated a new little human into their games. She appears to hold up well despite the rigourous work of scaling the hill towing the afore-mentioned flat object.