Saturday, February 21

Oooh I'm a happy Demon, having just secured tickets for myself and a fellow demonic one to see Metallica in May. Someday, I hope to bring my oldest minion with me on one of annual concert trips, but this would be a bad one to start with. Hopefully next year, or even later in the year, we'll be able to catch a better one.

Thursday, February 19

Hooray! My day was spent at the mortal artist's place of interaction again, and finally, after much waiting, my dragon is etched completely under my skin. Photos shall be shown as soon as the film developes.

Tuesday, February 17

The vile apparel pile has been vanquished!
All hail the great and powerful Demon!

Sunday, February 15

I'm still battling the vile apparel pile, but reinforcements have arrived. The Dark Lord who spawned this Demon has come in response to my call for help. The Incubus is also returned. They are currently cataloguing weapons of minour destruction and tools of the demonic trade. These tools and weapons have succeeded in reducing the available space the vile apparel pile (VAP) has to occupy. I am unsure how this will help in the long run, but they assure me that "all will be well, just keep the laundry going". I guess they are engaged in weakening the VAP's hold on my porch, by bringing in mass amounts of other stuff to take up space.

In between letting the imps in the white box thrash laundry from the VAP, I am engaged in creating sustenance for the Incubus and the Dark Lord. They consume great amounts of dark liquid made from beans found in the mortal realm. Soon it will be time to hunt for sustenance for my minions as well.