Saturday, June 12

This Demon is all weirded out by the new Blogger layout. Nothing looks familiar anymore. It's like .... like ... a palm tree in the middle of Highway 17 going through town. Just strange and out of place. What do I do now?

Silly question, I do what I'm doing right now of course.
oh pardon me ...

Thursday, April 29

Had an Accident This Morning
And it could happen to any of us. Raider caught his collar on a loosened piece of the chainlink fence and nearly strangled himself. Having just let the three of them out for the morning potty break, and started to get the kids ready for school, it would have been another fifteen minutes before I went out with them. It took only two minutes before he caught himself, and he's a very lucky dog (so am I) that he has two brothers to set up a howling when one is in trouble.

This just demonstrates the importance of fence maintenance, and of keeping an eye on your dogs when they play outside, even if theft doesn't concern you. I just came back in from snipping all the "hooked" ends off the chainlink fence ... hopefully it doesn't fall apart now. Even if it does, oh well. We are pulling it out this summer to replace it with a good sturdy wooden fence. I'll be happy to see it go.

Wednesday, March 24

Something seriously abnormal is going on here. Yesterday I weighed in at 143 (8 pounds past my normal weight) and today I am 148.5. I swear I ate NOTHING (but yogurt, and a couple of tea cookies ... okay, a dozen) today. Time to go jogging in the mortal world with the Hell Hounds.

Saturday, March 20

I R Dumb.
I blew off my demonic diet because this pathetic, weak-willed Demon has a fondness for food. And now this Demon has packed on a whopping 15 pounds in a week. Ooops. But just LOOK at the energy all that food gave me!
I cleaned my cave!
I moved my furniture around!
I wrote about death and destruction!
I'm typing on this silly thing again!
Therefore the Demon decrees - No Diet is an Evil thing. And all things Evil must be done by Demon.

Friday, March 19

Oh crap. It just occurred to me that today is Friday. More than that, it's the Fridayy that marks the end of lazing about in the cavern during the daylight as the Minions return the Realm of Dark Knowledge in afew short days. This means that I must avail myself of the Light again. I hate daylight.
I'm joining the Friday Five Flock, so here we go:

If you...
1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve? - French Cuisine
2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell? - Books
3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be? - Fantasy or Reference
4. ...ran a school, what would you teach? - Creative Arts
5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it? - Heavy Metal
I was so evil yesterday that my hair curled.
It better stay that way for at least three months this time.
Not three days like last time.
Making a firm decision to put off the rest of the housework has already had a positive effect on me. I wrote an entry for the Disease Guide without even noticing. Ha. Now that's skill! I was only putting the index pages together when I decided that I was missing one entry. So I wrote it. Now if I can just pull this off for the rest of the 1200 or so entries. Yeah right. even my great and powerful evil darkness might be stretched a bit thin trying that.

In other Evil News ...
Demons simply can not sing well when they have stuffed up noses. If I was singing Billy Idol I might get away with it ... but Blondie? No I don't think so. I'm loading up my Media Player with an all men-with-deep-voices playlist so I can pretend I'm doing it on purpose. The Minions are giving me strange looks, but I have ceased to care.
Am I free now? Have the chains of housework finally released me to be me yet?
No, not yet. But I'm struggling for all I am worth!
Okay, really I'm just putting it off so I can do other things I have been putting off, like the Diseases and Conditions guide I started and put off for ... oh ... about 18 months now.

Tuesday, March 16

Two weeks since I've updated. Think it's been long enough? My scant defense is that it's been spring-cleaning tme here, and vacuuming furballs, washing walls and scrubbing floors leaves little energyu for creative blogging, or any kind of creativity for that matter, work has suffered too. I'm sure that once I finish I'll be back in full force. I'll finish tomorrow ... maybe. There's not that much left to do really, I'm just very tired of doing so I have hereby dubbed myself : Demon - the Master Procrastinator.

Thursday, March 4

*sniff sniff*
The scent of spring is warming the air around my domain and for not much longer will it resemble Cocytus. The Hell Hounds entice me out into the melting snow, and attempt to bury me under the wetness. Not likely, says I, the great Demon. The Hell Houndsfeel my wrath at their dirty (soggy?) tricks as I pelt them with snowballs.

The minions engage in something termed "puddle-jumping", in which a being leaps high and attempts to soak his companion with mud and slush that is propelled into the air by the force of his landing. I laugh at their antics and wait to teach them never to turn their backs on a foe, lest a soggy ball of snow thump them on the back of their heads.