Friday, March 19

Making a firm decision to put off the rest of the housework has already had a positive effect on me. I wrote an entry for the Disease Guide without even noticing. Ha. Now that's skill! I was only putting the index pages together when I decided that I was missing one entry. So I wrote it. Now if I can just pull this off for the rest of the 1200 or so entries. Yeah right. even my great and powerful evil darkness might be stretched a bit thin trying that.

In other Evil News ...
Demons simply can not sing well when they have stuffed up noses. If I was singing Billy Idol I might get away with it ... but Blondie? No I don't think so. I'm loading up my Media Player with an all men-with-deep-voices playlist so I can pretend I'm doing it on purpose. The Minions are giving me strange looks, but I have ceased to care.

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