Wednesday, January 21

Another foot of white stuff in the Realm. The Hell Hounds played while I shuffled off my minions. My incubus will be most displeased this daylight. I thought of sparing him the labour involved in removing the white particles from our gate, but the Light ... Ah! It burns my evil eyes! Best to let him take care of it.

Tuesday, January 20

Caffiene ... truly the nectar of the gods. Not that I'm a god, just a demon, but hey ... when mortals provide you with coffee beans, what else are you to do?

I stooped to menial labour in the Darkness. My minions and HellHounds both have developed a fondness for slumber during the night's darkest hours, and my Incubus was off cavorting again. Whilst my domain was peaceful, I rearranged things in the antechamber. The frigid iciness of Cocytus was encroaching and I had to beat it back with a large rubber hose-thing and used my presence of Evil to melt the ice. It will not encroach again.

When Dark settles the land again, I may continue to ward my domain against such happenings. Or I may join my minions in slumber just to see why they find it so appealing.

Monday, January 19

The big yellow dragon has carted off my minions once more. As there are no pressing needs for my particular brand of evilness, I shall slumber during these lighted hours. The Darkness took it's toll on me, as my chambers were infiltrated by strange and noxious fumes. I suspect they might have come from the Incubus.
Note to Self : No more nourishing the Incubus with that vile substance called "cheese".

Sunday, January 18

I may change the name of my forum to the Axis of Evil. Thanks to a friend and another friend for that lovely appellation. I shall ponder this for a time and see what comes about.
Must gather more minions.
Must make slippers out Hell Hound fur.
Must put my minions in a deep trance for twleve hours.