Thursday, April 29

Had an Accident This Morning
And it could happen to any of us. Raider caught his collar on a loosened piece of the chainlink fence and nearly strangled himself. Having just let the three of them out for the morning potty break, and started to get the kids ready for school, it would have been another fifteen minutes before I went out with them. It took only two minutes before he caught himself, and he's a very lucky dog (so am I) that he has two brothers to set up a howling when one is in trouble.

This just demonstrates the importance of fence maintenance, and of keeping an eye on your dogs when they play outside, even if theft doesn't concern you. I just came back in from snipping all the "hooked" ends off the chainlink fence ... hopefully it doesn't fall apart now. Even if it does, oh well. We are pulling it out this summer to replace it with a good sturdy wooden fence. I'll be happy to see it go.

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