Monday, January 12

Today was such a fun day.
It started like every morning, I hear the call of the Darkside, and drag my tired but evil ass out of bed. Time to rouse my little minions of course. I sat and glared while watching them consume their victims for breakfast. I think today the sacrificial cereal was a large orange tiger. I think his name was Tony.

I watched in pride as the large orange dragon came and collected my smallest minion. His studies in the dark arts will serve him well when I decide to finally unleash him upon the earth. My oldest minion took cloven purple hooves to the Realm of Knowledge of the Dark Arts. The large yellow dragon decided she has become to large to convey, and so must enter the realm on her own.

I did many evil works today whilst my minions were in the Realm of Knowledge.
With a flick of my finger I destoyed many strange particles on my eating tools.
A small imp I have trained was put to work removing my floors of all traces of my last victims.
And the Hellhounds practiced their assassin skills by lying in ambush as I wandered through my citadel of the Dark. I have considered renaming it to Citadel of Light, just so I can see my Hellhounds before I trip over them. There should be a limit to practicing assassin skills.

Tonight I corrupted an Elf. It was joyous to me to see the poor Elf struggle with her good nature, but I lured over to the Darkside, and watched with glee as she drank of the fountain of Evilness.

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