Friday, February 13

I have successfully reduced the pile of nasty apparel to half it's former glory. With great diligence, I may yet prevail. The incubus will not be pleased to find that his Demon's domain was nearly overshadowed by something with such a silly name as "laundry" (I learned it's name while reading a mortal's 'Ramblings').

Five hours and counting until my Incubus returns to my side. What else should be done before then? Eating utensils are being cleaned as I type, minions are comatose in their dungeons, HellHounds have been fed and are now guarding the minions (all but one, lazy-ass Hound, he's taken up residence on the lounging furniture). Perhaps I should employ that mechanical imp, Kenmore, to clean the floors again. Or I'll just go join my lazy Hound with a scroll to read.

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